"The Stay in Place Cup": Keeps Dessert Dish Perfectly in Place While Eating Sweets

​The ability to eat neatly can be difficult for various reasons. This is particularly true for certain people such as those who are disabled or challenged physically. Children and the elderly or seniors who may be suffering from various health and age-related problems often find it difficult to maintain a dish with ease. The Stay In Place Cup is a dessert dish configured with a detachable locking suction cup base in order to keep the cup from tipping, sliding or spilling.  The design intent is to provide toddlers and children of all ages, as well as those with mobility challenges of any age, particularly stroke patients, with a more user-friendly tool that allows them to enjoy their desserts without assistance and without the dish from sliding around. This special eating tool eliminates embarrassment and restores confidence.

The Stay In Place Cup is made of a durable plastic material with a circular base made of a rubber material suctioning component and when the cup is placed onto this suction cup base a simple twist captures and locks the cup in place so the dish does not move, slip or slide while in use. The product has a release button and the top portion can also come separately as a disposable unit.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Stay In Place Cup.

The Patent Pending Stay In Place Cup was invented by Maria Guzman, a Licensed Practical Nurse and Rehab Aid of South Plainfield, NJ who said, “Dining with dignity is important to everyone. It is equally important for youngsters and toddlers and older citizens who want to eat their dessert without it ending up on the floor. It prevents messy spills and eliminates cleanup, so it is a winner all the way around. It works.”

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