"The Solar Pro-Tek": Hands-Free Canopy Coverage Whether Working or Playing Outside

Sometimes being outdoors the weather creates a problem for an individual. Holding an umbrella is not always the answer and is solved by use of this new product. The Solar Pro-Tek is a wearable system specially designed to adjustably hold an umbrella above a person in a hands-free manner. It is easily adjusted and locked into place to offer the most coverage when a person is standing up straight or bending over. The Solar Pro-Tek will protect anyone who wears it from inclement weather and more importantly, from the harsh and damaging ultra violet rays of the sun. The Solar Pro-Tek can be worn while working or playing outdoors and at outdoor events of all kinds.

The Solar Pro-Tek is a cleverly designed system featuring adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable waist strap to secure the unit. A base for the umbrella is provided to hold a standard, straight handled umbrella. The base bottom is joined to a half circle mechanism by a screw joint which allows the base to be positioned by the user at any desired angle around the half circle and locked into place so that whether the user is standing or working in a bent over position, the position of the umbrella can be adjusted to offer the most protection from the sun. When not in use it can be compacted and stored flush against the base of the unit on either side of the half circle mechanism. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Solar Pro-Tek.
The Solar Pro-Tek is Patented and was invented by Jose Rodriquez of Woodland, CA who said, “One of my considerations when I designed the Solar Pro-Tek was skin cancer created by the excessive exposure to ultra-violet rays whether working outdoors or outside for exercise or pleasure. This hands-free umbrella works when performing almost any outdoor activity and it keeps user dry and cooler too.”

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