"The Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System": Provides a Significant Savings in Energy Costs

Cost of utilities for consumers can be heavy unless they are utilizing some of the newer technology such as the Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System. The Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System is an improvement of solar-panel technology that would keep solar panels in the proper temperature zone for maximum electrical power generation, while also heating water, thus reducing energy costs. Ideal for any home or business utilizing solar panels, the Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System would not only enable panels to operate at peak efficiency, but also reduce the household or business's expenses for heating water, including gas/fuel costs.

Each solar panel would overlie a water tank 1½ inches in depth. Cold water from the premises' water utility would flow into and through this tank, the effect of which would be to cool the overlying solar panel to its peak-efficiency temperature of 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, rather than the 130 or 140 degrees that a panel can reach on a hot day. As the cool water draws heat from the panel it is heated, and flows out of the tank, into a warm-water holding tank – capable of holding 500 gallons – and is then pumped into the premises' water-heater, where heating it to a usable temperature will require far less energy than if the water were cold. The warm water can also be diverted back, through a fan-cooled radiator, to the solar-panel's tank, thus providing further cooling of the panel. The Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System thus keeps the solar panels operating at their maximum efficiency, and while doing so also provides a premises' water-heater with warm, pre-heated water, providing dramatic energy savings in the gas or electricity which fuels the heater. TV marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System.
The Solar Panel Cooling and Heating System is Patent Pending and was invented by Salomon Tenorio of Los Angeles, CA who said, “I work in this field and designed this system to increase the solar panel’s performance. The system will help consumers save 50% or more on gas. It works.”

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