"The Snarl Box": Preventing Clogged Shower & Tub Drains

When shower and tub drains take forever to allow the water to go down then perhaps there is a “snarl” preventing the necessary swift movement of the water. The online dictionary has several descriptions for the word snarl, one of which is as follows: to cause to become knotted and intertwined or tangled. The Snarl Box is a specially designed receptacle for collecting excess hair while in the shower. The design intent is to provide a simple and effective means of collecting, concealing, and storing hair that is left on one's hands after shampooing, until the user is ready to empty The Snarl Box, thus avoiding messes in the bath, messes on the shower walls, and preventing the clogging of drains.

While vigorously shampooing the hair during a shower it is common for loose hair to come away in the hands. Unfortunately, this loose hair often ends up messily clinging to shower walls and floors or worse, clogging drains. The Snarl Box eliminates challenges by offering a secure place for collecting, managing, and disposing of this hair. This product would be just as its name implies, a lidded box, fashioned of a durable plastic material and measuring approximately seven to eight inches (7”-8”) in length, five to six inches (5”-6”) in width, and two inches (2”) in depth. To facilitate attachment to a shower wall, The Snarl Box comes with a series of suction cups that fit onto the unit's back panel. Inside the receptacle, a brush with numerous hard but moveable bristles are provided for collecting the loose hair and storing it in the box. Further, the back of the box is constructed to move forward, so that, when ready, all hair inside is pushed to the surface for easy, mess-free removal. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Snarl Box.
The Snarl Box is Patent Pending and was invented by Tara O’Connor of Oak Forest, IL who said, “This is so easy to use and handles personal grooming neatly and quickly. Loose hair no longer clogs the drain but is held in the box until the unit t is cleaned and the loose hair is removed. It works perfectly and so do the drains.”

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