"The Smart Utility and Home Automation Panel": Protects and Defends Home With Unique and Unusual Safety System

The Smart Utility And Home Automation Panel is a metal utilities panel and accessory box that allows household consumers to fully automate and continually monitor their electric, water, lights, doors, blinds, alarm system, sprinkler system, and more. Complete with a voice activated assistant available throughout the home or building, the design intent is to provide a comprehensive means of controlling the inner workings of a home, and conserving energy and other resources, turning an entire house into a true smart house.  

The unit is a metal utilities panel that takes the place of the current electrical panel. Additionally, a gas distribution valve and water distribution valve connect to the incoming gas and water is used to measures the consumption and helps calculates your bill. The inner workings are the electrical breakers, relays, and CPU needed for operation. At the base of the panel is a housing for two 12-volt batteries that power select lights in the event of a power outage. The face is slightly raised from the surface of the wall, tapering on the sides in the fashion of a large picture frame. Centrally positioned, a high-definition, liquid crystal display (LCD) touchscreen provides a method to control, monitor, and manipulate the user's electrical, gas, water, thermostats, security system, as well as the blinds and shades. The unit's display and touchscreen options include the monitoring of kilowatt hours and power consumption through the main or individual circuits, i.e. if you want to see how much power your A/C alone was pulling. The device allows for calculation of monthly energy bills and offers cost cutting tips. The system offers a natural language user interface with microphones and speakers around the house to allow users to remotely control such facets as alarm clocks and timers for each room in the house, dimming or turning on and off lights, activating or deactivating the security system and unlocking and locking doors. For all these features to work via a relatively small panel, this system implements a “brain box,” which contains all extra accessories and connects the utility panel with a data cable and power cables for the transfer switch. The brain box is to be installed in the ceiling like a ceiling register and becomes part of the standard utility panel package. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Utility and Home Automation Panel. 
The Smart Utility and Home Automation Panel is Patent Pending and was invented by Andre Clowers of Camarillo, CA who said, “It is difficult to believe that some things can work so well but this panel surpasses all expectations.  It can control electrical, gas, water and energy consumption and curb wasting resources while it also ensures cost savings. It works.”

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