"The Smart Phone Leash": Attaches a Secure Line to a Vital Communication Device

The online Webster-Merriam Dictionary describes the word tether as:  A: a line (as of rope or chain) by which an animal is fastened to restrict its range of movement B:  a line to which someone or something is attached for security. This describes the Smart Phone Leash perfectly. The Smart Phone Leash is a retractable, tethered mobile device leash system that is either attached to the back of a cell phone via suction cup, or to a specially designed, accompanying cell phone case, and affixed to the person with optimal security and accessibility via a security clip. The design intent is to offer cell phone users a durable and efficient means of securing and operating these devices and one which would “catch” the phone and prevent damage should the phone be accidentally dropped. Optionally, the Smart Phone Leash could feature a GPS tracking chip linked to a dedicated app to locate the phone should it become lost or stolen.

The circular shaped Smart Phone Leash's durable housing has a spring-loaded coil of wire that can extend up to five feet. The wire itself can be locked in place to not extend beyond a designated length and is easily retracted by pressing the “retract” button. As designed, the Smart Phone Leash is conveniently secured to one's belt, belt loops, backpack, or handbag via the integrated security clip mechanism. The retractable wire is secured to a cell phone either directly to the back of the cell phone or mobile device via a suction cup or to the specially designed cell phone case.  A twist and lock piece is located at the end of the coiled wire to easily twist and lock into place on the back of the suction cup. Alternately, the end of this wire is designed to attach to a specific piece of the accompanying phone case. The Smart Phone Leash system comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Phone Leash. 
The Smart Phone Leash is Patent Pending and was invented by Francisco Erold of Jamaica Plain, MA who said, “I doubt that there is an individual anywhere who has not suffered from frustration and anxiety while searching for their cell phone. Even worse for the cell owner is when it has been dropped and damaged. The Smart Phone Lease ends any risk to this costly and vitally important communication device. It works perfectly and best of all, it is not limited to use only with cell phones.”

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