"The Smart Harness": For Roofers Providing Safety First and Stopping a Fall

​As in all areas of construction, workers in the roofing industry must always be careful because of height and degree of pitch of the roof. The higher the pitch, the more caution required and this is a vital safety harness that enables a crew to move about more freely and safely. The Smart Harness is a mobile, safety-restraint system for roofers. The Smart Harness features a base with three spring-loaded, ratcheting strap reels with the straps buckling into safety harnesses and the base mounted to the ridge of the roof so that roofers, once buckled in, may move freely without a dangling rope to trip over yet be immediately and thoroughly protected against a fall.

The Smart Harness relies upon a base, rectangular with rounded corners secured to the roof at or near the ridge. This base contains a series of spring-loaded, ratchet-and-pawl type reels, each of which is equipped with an unspecified length of web-woven, high-strength strap like a seat-belt. The Smart Harness is produced with as few as one reel for a single roofer or as many as three for a roofing crew. At the end of each strap is a buckle or D-ring to which the roofers clip their safety harnesses. Once  clipped-in they may move freely up, down and across the surface of the roof with their Smart Harness straps extending or retracting automatically offering no impediment or resistance. If a roofer should stumble or fall, the ratchet-and-pawl mechanism of the take-up reel is immediately engaged and locked – and the potential fall stopped. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Harness.
The Patent Pending Smart Harness was invented by Peter Turtillien of Bridgeport, CT   who said, “An employee’s fear of tripping and falling is lessened when the Smart Harness in use and contractors concerned about insurance costs, on-the-job-injuries and schedules will benefit because the safety equipment conforms to OSHA requirements.  Roofers do not even obtain scrapes and bruises because the Smart Harness prevents the fall.”

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