The Smallest Open Board for Gesture Recognition in Robotics, From Milan to Maker Fair New York 2017

The Tactigon is a portable, programmable device, Arduino IDE compatible with 3D motion sensors on board and IoT capability

Gesture control

Next Industries team is presenting the first prototype of The Tactigon Board at the New York City Maker Fair 2017. 

“We are excited to present our wearable technology with IoT capability at the most famous Fair in the World of Makers,” says CEO Massimiliano "Max" Bellino. “Thank you to my team - great passionate guys - I was able to bring my idea to reality. We haven’t designed an electronics board only, but we have designed a tiny technology with fresh, modern, ergonomic case. The Tactigon board is freshly designed with two valuable accessories: T-SKIN glove for gesture recognition and T-SHARP waterproof case for external use cases.”

'Dad, build me a gesture recognition like Iron Man.' 'Daughter, let's do it together!' The beginning of the story. The beginning of a long shopping list: a lot of shield is needed to buy because it doesn't exist one board to solve this problem. You need gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer and Bluetooth Low Energy. This is the problem we want to solve.

Massimiliano Bellino, CEO

The problem we wanted to solve

Many boards are usually needed to build a device like a glove for gesture recognition or robot rover. You need gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and communication device like Bluetooth to visualize data on Smartphone. The Tactigon has all mentioned sensors integrated in a small form factor, it's ready to be used in your projects.

The “code challenge” for makers: Call 4 Makers in New York City Maker Fair

During the New York City event, we will launch a “Code Challenge” for makers at our booth. The aim of the challenge is developing a code in short time to move a robot by using The Tactigon Board. Further details will follow next week. Stay tuned with our social network Facebook and Twitter channels.

Kickstarter campaign

The Tactigon is social on Facebook, on Twitter and Youtube. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched in Autumn 2017.

Media Contact:
Nadia Giuliani
Phone: +390295764356

Source: Next Industries


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