"The Silencer": Muffles The Sound Of The Motor Of Clippers During Pet Grooming

Here comes "The Silencer" which muffles high frequency sounds of clippers when a dog is being groomed.

Attention pet groomers! Think about how nervous some of the pets get when the vacuum is running or even when the they hear loud outdoor noises. The hearing range of a dog is far beyond the hearing range of a human. Thus, some audible sounds that humans pay little attention to are at the forefront of the hearing of a canine leaving him or her in an alert, fearful and nervous state. The Silencer is a specially designed attachment for power tools, particularly clippers used in pet grooming that silences or muffles the sound of the motor of one of the tools such as clippers and as such make the grooming process easier on the animal and certainly easier for the groomer.

The Silencer has varying applications over and above those for dog grooming. It eliminates the sounds that tend to scare animals but also can be used with tools used by barbers and beauticians, nail technicians, dentists and even thous in the construction industry. It is available in a variety of sizes and varies in shape in order to accommodate the product on which it will be used. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in The Silencer.

The Patent Pending Silencer was invented by Kimberlee Schaefer of Milwaukie, OR who said, “Several animal species are able to hear frequencies well beyond the human hearing range and The Silencer promotes noise pollution reduction and safety for the animal being groomed as well as for others in the grooming area. It can work just as well with other power tools as it does for the clippers. It is an innovative and badly needed new product to enhance pet care, beauty and those in the construction industry. Reducing noise pollution is a valuable addition to any kind of power tool.”

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