"The Shower Shut Off": H20 Temp Remains the Same When Turned Off and Then Back On

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary describes maintain as "to keep in an existing state or to continue" and that description fits this new device perfectly. The Shower Shut Off is an easily retrofitted valve mechanism to be connected to an existing shower nozzle/water line with which the user can stop the flow of water through the shower head using the Shower Shut Off valve. The water temperature is maintained when the shower is turned back on. The design intent is to offer an environmentally friendly shower accessory that enables consumers to conserve water when lathering their hair or body, while easily maintaining the chosen water temperature.

The device is easily installed on an existing shower nozzle or incorporated into the design of newly manufactured shower fixtures. The elongated Shower Shut Off is comprised of quality rust resistant piping in a “U” shape with two vertical lengths of pipe bridged at their base forming one, cohesive unit. Mounted to the top of the first length of piping is the joint to affix to the existing shower head. Two storage shelves for soap, shampoo, and other bath accessories are included. A hanging hook mounted to the front of one of the shelves secure a wash cloth or loofah sponge. Toothbrush holders are built into the second shelf. The most notable aspect is found in the actual valve mechanism. The shut-off valve enables the user to block the flow of water out through the shower head without turning the faucet off. This valve boasts a simple hinged flange for opening and closing the valve with the interior of the valve serving to seal the pipe completely when closed while allowing the free flow of water through the unit when open. The user steps into their shower turning the shower faucet to the preferred temperature. When ready to lather up, the user simply pulls downward on the Shower Shut Off valve, closing the valve and preventing the flow of water out through the shower nozzle. When ready to rinse off, the user opens the valve, allowing the flow of the water to resume out through the shower head still at the regulated previously set temperature. The Shower Shut Off can be employed always to constantly maintain the same temperature or other users can adjust the temperature to their preference. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shower Shut Off.
The Patent Pending Shower Shut Off was invented by Eric Torres of San Bernardino, CA who said, “The perfect shower – never too hot and never too cold. It saves water at the same time. Homes with children or occupants with limited mobility will also benefit from its use. It works.”

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