'The Shoulder Saver' Protects From Tenderness, Bruising and Further Injury When Hefting Heavy Loads

A typical scene on a construction job site shows workers carrying heavy or long, large and cumbersome material on their shoulders. To prevent shoulder injuries by construction personnel or any user, this new device is the perfect solution. The Shoulder Saver is a protective, fabric-covered, foam pad for wearing over the shoulder via an adjustable strap system. The design intent is to provide workers, heavy lifters, and do-it-yourselfers with a means of alleviating pain and pressure on the shoulders, as well as bruising, redness and tenderness when having to bear heavy materials.

The elongated, slightly oval Shoulder Saver is comprised of a durable, firm, yet cushiony foam rubber material encased within a strong fabric outer covering. It is approximately 6”L x 7”W x ½”D, featuring a contoured form to accommodate the shoulder area. In addition, the top panel of the Shoulder Saver contains a slight dip to allow any load carried to concentrate in the center of the shoulder area. Attached to the Shoulder Saver is a set of two elongated straps to facilitate the security of the unit to the body while in use. A short, elastic 1½” x10” strap fits around the arm while a 1½” x 47½” Velcro-enhanced nylon webbing unit is positioned opposite for encircling the body with 1½” plastic hoops peppered along the strap, allowing it to be adjusted for security and comfort. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shoulder Saver.

The Patent Pending Shoulder Saver was invented by Pete Salinas and Alex Garcia of Fontana, Calif., who said, “Continued contact damages the shoulder of those using their own body strength to transport heavy items. Individuals need a way to support areas of the shoulder because prolonged time carrying heavy objects causes discomfort and often soreness and potential permanent injury. The Shoulder Saver is cost effective and it works.” 

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