"The Shin Guard Pocket": A Creative Solution For Securing Soccer Shin Guards To A Player's Socks

The Shin Guard Pocket aids in the reduction of shin injuries and may actually improve a player's performance.

Every youth soccer association requires their players to wear shin guards during games. Shin guards are not the most comfortable piece of equipment and can become annoying when they are not securely in place. As with other types of protective equipment, shin guards are only effective if they are worn properly. The Shin Guard Pocket is a creative solution for securing soccer shin guards to a player's socks via a shin guard pocket which is built into the soccer sock. It solves the common problem of unsecured shin guards dislodging or shifting, exposing the shin to injury and interfering with the player's leg movements. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Shin Guard Pocket.

The Patent Pending Shin Guard Pocket was invented by Angelo D'Alia and Geraldine D'Alia of Lyndhurst, NJ, who said, “The Shin Guard Pocket made of a soft, breathable, expandable but durable fabric and is sewn into the soccer sock at the point of manufacture. The fabric is slightly expandable to accommodate different size shin guards. Once inserted, the shin guard is held tightly in the pocket on the outside front of the sock. The top of the pocket has a compression closure so that the pocket is held shut keeping the shin guard securely in place. Also, the upper cuff of the Shin Guard Pocket sock is then folded down over the top of the pocket, further ensuring that the shin guard stays in place and does not shift or dislodge. It does not require straps or other harness apparatus. If a player chooses to use the Shin Guard pocket along with the provided harness on a shin guard, this line can be expanded to feature Shin Guard Pockets with 2 sets of slits on the sides of the pocket to accommodate the shin guard straps.”

The inventors added, “I first conceived the Shin Guard Pocket to help my son keep his shin guards in place. I am very enthusiastic about the usefulness of the Shin Guard Pocket and would like to see it become a standard in soccer sock design. It should build confidence in soccer players, knowing that their shins are protected. An added benefit for the mother is that it is easy to remove the guard and wash the socks.”

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