"The Sewer Back Up Alert System": Will Detect a Backup in the Early Stages

​Sewage problems are not attractive and they are usually very costly so having an alert system that will notify you before there is a problem is wonderful. The Sewer Back Up Alert System is a solar powered sensory and communications system designed to alert an owner of a sewer back up on their property. By providing an effective early warning system, the Sewer Back Up Alert System will enable property owners to take appropriate actions to clear up the problem before it becomes costly. It is made up of a solar energy supply grid, a motherboard and moisture sensor unit, and a remote monitor that is battery powered and contains the RF receiver with which the sensor communicates. The Sewer Back Up Alert System must be able to work with the a smart phone to be alerted in the event of any sewer backup. A download-able app should be available. These all work together to make The Sewer Back Up Alert System work properly.

The Sewer Back Up Alert System will detect a backup in its earliest stages, alerting the property owner of the situation so that they will be able to have the sewer line cleaned out in order to prevent an actual back up and overflow. This system will be a low maintenance and low cost means of protecting properties from the costly effects of sewer backups. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sewer Back Up Alert System.

The Patent Pending Sewer Back Up Alert System was invented by Allen Harry and Mark Gabb of Los Angeles, CA who said, “The Sewer Back Up Alert System is affordable, and easy to install. It is also environmentally safe, as has been proven with our working prototype.”

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