The Selfie Grip to Challenge the Qualities of a DSLR Just Launched on Kickstarter

LUMI ELFI, the 360-degree, rotational, one-grip equipment that advances the features of a smartphone camera, is now exclusively available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The Kinofi team brings its 10 years of knowledge and experience to introduce LUMI ELFI, an intuitive selfie grip to create professional-looking mobile photos and videos, to the crowdfunding scene. Challenging the idea that creating on mobile is inferior, LUMI ELFI allows the average user to conveniently capture quality content that would usually take a DSLR and tripod.

Coined “selfie grip” as “selfie stick”, which does not suffice, LUMI ELFI expands the potential of mobile photography with its intuitive design, sophisticated app, and pocketable size. While the regular selfie stick only acts as an extender, LUMI ELFI goes beyond by extending the camera’s capabilities. The Auto Face Tracking feature, for example, allows the camera to track and follow the user as they move out of frame, giving more freedom to record in dynamic and active settings. This also frees the limits of recording vertically, making it perfect to use on mobile social media platforms with vertical UI design such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

Furthermore, LUMI ELFI has a built-in control panel that provides DSLR-like control over the phone’s camera settings. Options to revolve the camera angle 360-degrees, to zoom in and out, to record a picture or video, and flip between the front and back camera all lie within a single thumb’s range and don’t require touching the phone itself. Additional features on the control panel make professional panoramas and timelapses easy to create as well.

Kinofi specializes in making devices that share the joy of content creating with minimal and low-barrier equipment. By launching LUMI ELFI on Kickstarter, the team wishes to gather valuable feedback from tech-savvy, early adopters before manufacturing for mass production. LUMI ELFI can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for $60 USD (Early Bird price). After the campaign, the company plans on starting delivery by September 2020.

Source: Kinofi


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