The Scientology Public Information Center Hosting Its 2nd Open House During "Blast Friday" Concert, Feb 26Th

Feb 15th, 2016 - On Friday, Feb. 26th , the Scientology Public Information Center will host its 2nd special Open House of 2016 during the "Blast Friday" event on Cleveland Street from 5-10pm.

The Scientology Information Center, located at 500 Cleveland Street, will also be open for visitors to peruse audio-visual and informational displays in the center and sample refreshments made by award winning chefs from the Historic Fort Harrison.   

“People are curious about if, ‘Scientologists believe in God’, ‘What does it look like in a Church of Scientology’ and ‘Does Scientology have religious services on special days?’, stated Amber Skjelset, the Manager for the Scientology Information Center “The Scientology Information Center (housed in the historic Clearwater Building) is a beautifully restored space where anyone can come and find the answers to any of their questions about Scientology.” 

The Information Center has 4 interactive audio/visual displays which contain over 300 videos. These cover beliefs and practices of Scientology, interviews of Scientologists from various professions and walks of life, what is inside a Church of Scientology, and a brief overview of the life and legacy of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, its founder. All videos are available in 17 languages, and have subtitles for the hearing impaired. The center is open daily, 10am-10pm.  

The center hosts a variety of receptions for local groups and organizations. It is open to the general public from 10 am to 10 pm daily for tours, offers and makes its conference room available to social, civic and nonprofit groups. 

For more information, please contact Amber Skjelset, the Center’s Manager, at 727-467-6966 or e-mail her at 

“Blast Friday” is Downtown Clearwater’s free monthly concert on the last Friday of each month. There are variety of vendors, as well as food, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Local stores and restaurants are open during Blast Fridays with outdoor dining available on Cleveland Street.

About the Church of Scientology:
The Scientology religion was founded by humanitarian and philosopher, 
L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed in the United States in 1954 and has expanded to more than 11,000 churches, missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 167 nations. Scientologists are optimistic about life and believe there is hope for a saner world and better civilization, and actively do all they can to help achieve this. Based on L. Ron Hubbard’s words, “A community that pulls together can make a better society for all.” the Church of Scientology regularly engages in many humanitarian programs and community events.

About Church of Scientology, Information Center, Clearwater

Scientology Public Information Center Manager in Downtown Clearwater, Florida.
This is a community center where anyone can can come in and find out for themselves what Scientology is, get a tour and get all their questions answered.

Church of Scientology, Information Center, Clearwater
500 Cleveland Street
Clearwater, FL

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