The Savvy Business Start-Up Hosts Business Program for Mothers

Twelve week group coaching program for aspiring mompreneurs

How to become a mompreneur

In addition to sleepless nights and the physical and mental demands of becoming a new mom, women today also must decide whether—and when—to return to their jobs. While most women do go back, they are then faced with juggling childcare schedules and work responsibilities, creating a frustrating cycle of exhaustion and burnout. That's where The Savvy Business Start-Up comes in. Supporting aspiring mompreneurs across the country, the entrepreneurship program helps more women find the careers of their dreams—from the comfort of home.

When moms evaluate job prospects, work-life balance and flexible work arrangements are their top two priorities, according to Flex Jobs. Yet many moms remain sidelined because companies lack the flexibility that working moms require.

"I have been there and I know exactly how it feels to be a mother who wants to spend time with her children but feels pulled in a million directions," said LaToya Johnson, founder of The Savvy Business Start-Up. "You can create your own dream job without having to give up that precious family time, and we are here to help!"

The Savvy Business Start-Up is hosting a 12-week program to give mothers access to group coaching and resources that will support the launch and growth of a successful new business. The program includes live coaching sessions, live Q&As, business start-up planning guides and more. Aspiring mompreneurs can learn more and sign up at

"I absolutely love working with mothers to help them identify their gifts and talents, giving them the opportunity to earn a living while still enjoying every minute with their families," Johnson added. "When your financial and personal needs are met, it's that much easier to be present and focused on your family."

Throughout the summer, The Savvy Business Start-Up will also host live Q&A sessions the third Wednesday of each month for mothers who have questions about beginning a business but aren't ready to commit to the coaching program.  You can sign up for the free Q&A sessions at

About The Savvy Business Start-Up

A comprehensive business start-up program for mothers, The Savvy Business Start-Up walks aspiring entrepreneurs through the steps of beginning a business that connects with their passions and lifestyle.  The program covers topics such as branding, pricing strategies, financial planning and more. Discovery calls, coaching programs and memberships are now available. For more information, please visit

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About The Savvy Business Start-Up

The Savvy Business Start-Up is a comprehensive business coaching program for Christian mothers who desire to begin a business so they can stay at home with their children.

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