"The Saddle Holster for Rebar": Helps Protect the Shoulders

​The Saddle Holster For Rebar is a specially designed, protective and padded support assembly made especially for wearing over one's shoulders while carrying rebar. It will attach to the worker's belt. It is designed to provide workers who carry rebar with a means of alleviating pressure on the shoulders when having to carry these and other similar heavy materials. It is meant to be used by the construction industry but could be used for any carrying need that will require extra support on the shoulders. One can imagine that repeatedly exposing shoulders to carrying these can result in strains and injuries to one's shoulders as well as neck and back. 

The Saddle Holster For Rebar will be made of leather and measure approximately 17 1/4” in length and 3 1/2” in width. It is made to be draped across a person's shoulders and secured with adjustable straps to their belt. The portion of the unit that fits over the shoulder will be made with a 1” thick cushiony padding to serve as an absorption buffer between the body and the rebar’s being carried. It will provide a convenient and safe means of moving large, heavy collections of steel reinforcing bars from one place to another. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Saddle Holster For Rebar.

The Patent Pending Saddle Holster For Rebar was invented by Raymond Madrid of Azusa, CA who said, “I came up with this idea after injuring my shoulder while working construction. Carrying rebar is very hard on your shoulders, this holster will help take some of the pressure off.”
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