The Sacramento Dentistry Group Responds: Do Aligners Cause Loose Teeth?

Some people worry that getting orthodontic treatment, especially with clear plastic aligners like Invisalign, leads to loose teeth and tooth loss. For an explanation regarding this fear, the dentists of the Sacramento Dentistry Group provide an explanation of how orthodontic forces affect the teeth.

Some of the patients at the Sacramento Dentistry Group have recently asked about whether orthodontic aligners, such as Invisalign, cause loose teeth. This question has two answers: yes and no. To explain, it is necessary to talk about how orthodontics work in the first place.

You Have to Loosen Them to Move Them

Orthodontics, whether with braces or Invisalign, loosen teeth. If the teeth were not loosened, you couldn’t move them to new positions along the jaw! So yes, aligners do loosen teeth. Orthodontic movements leave a gap where the tooth was and must create a gap where the tooth is going. This is done gently with the forces made by the aligner or by the orthodontic wires, but not by damaging the jawbone. When braces are attached to the teeth, this looseness may not be obvious. But since aligners are removable, patients may notice the slight loosening of the teeth that takes place during orthodontic procedures, especially in the beginning. By the end of a procedure, the “gaps” are all filled with new bone and the teeth do not feel loose.

That Does Not Mean They Fall Out

Nevertheless, loose teeth do not mean lost teeth. So it’s also appropriate to say no, orthodontics do not loosen teeth, that is, not so much that they fall out! Part of an orthodontics consultation involves making sure that no signs of gum disease or significant bone loss are present, so that the jaw can handle the changes that take place as teeth are shifted and turned from their improper positions to a correct alignment. So dentists like those at the Sacramento Dentistry Group make certain that you will have the teeth you started with when you finish an orthodontic procedure, be it with Invisalign or standard braces.

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group