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Every month, patients ask the dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group if dental x-rays are dangerous. In this press release, we discuss the answer to the question and reveal dangers that are far greater and much more common than any complications due to the small amounts of dental x-ray radiation.

One of the most common questions asked by users of our website is “Are dental x-rays dangerous?” The simple answer is “No!” The dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group use x-rays only when medically necessary, including once per year for the annual exam. Digital x-ray technology significantly reduces the amounts of radiation necessary to make these important images, further reducing any chance of adverse effects.

The Greater Danger is Hidden

What’s really dangerous is when patients refuse to get their mouth x-rayed. This is usually based on fears of x-ray radiation, despite the fact that dental x-rays use some of the smallest amounts of radiation of any type of medical scan. Truthfully, the greater danger is hidden within the gums and jaw.

Abscesses — these abnormalities start small underneath the teeth and in the jawbone. If left unchecked, they can grow and cause significant damage to the teeth, tissues and bone. Hollows created by abscesses lead to significant problems. Infection may also result, with potentially fatal complications.

Cavities — x-rays are a tremendous tool for revealing cavities, providing a notable contrast between healthy enamel and weakened enamel. This is especially the case in areas that are hard for the dentist to visualize during an exam.

Cysts and Tumors — Much like abscesses, cysts and tumors are hidden malformations that may not be visible to the eye. X-rays reveal the difference in the tissues caused by the changes in bone density. Early removal is the key to curing these problems with as little damage as possible.

Impacted Teeth – A common issue with teenagers, impacted wisdom teeth should come out before significant damage is done to the jaw and teeth. Refusing to take x-rays prevents a dentist from visualizing the state of the unerupted teeth, with painful results guaranteed later.

Dentists have your best interests at the forefront. They minimize the already small radiation risks through the use of tested and improved technology. X-rays lead to more complete examinations and reduce the likelihood of the more common medical dangers: cysts, tumors, abscesses, cavities and impacted teeth. For more information on dental x-rays, visit the website of the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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