The Sacramento Dentistry Group Answers: Does Invisalign Cause Cysts?

Invisalign is a clear plastic form of orthodontics, preferred by many for its invisibility and comfort. Can this treatment method cause oral cysts to form? An examination of the medical literature reveals the answer.

We recently received a question regarding Invisalign orthodontics and oral cysts. Namely, do these clear plastic aligners cause oral cysts to form? Patients interested in this type of treatment will be happy to know that the scientific literature makes no mention of Invisalign causing cysts, although there is much mention of orthodontics repairing damage caused by cysts in the jawbone.

Do Orthodontics Cause Pseudocysts?

There is a certain type of abnormality, however, that can be caused by other kinds of orthodontics. When an orthodontic appliance or device needs to be attached near the floor of the mouth, it runs the risk of rupturing or damaging one of the salivary glands. If this prevents the saliva from leaking into the mouth, the fluid instead moves into the surrounding tissue. The result is somewhat like a water balloon in the floor of the mouth. Dentists call this a pseudocyst (for it is not a true cyst) or a ranula. Its removal generally requires oral surgery.

Invisalign does not attach to the floor of the mouth, instead fitting tightly around the crowns and surface of the teeth only. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that Invisalign would ever lead to a ranula. And when it comes to cysts, the only connection with Invisalign is when this treatment system is used to correct the damage done to teeth and arches by these fluid-filled abnormalities in the jaw.

If someone suspects that they have a ranula or an oral cyst, they may contact the Sacramento Dentistry Group for assistance. Others interested in invisible orthodontics like Invisalign may find that their consultation actually uncovers abnormalities during the process of taking x-rays. In the end, Sacramento dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group are primarily interested in securing your oral health. Visiting an area dentist regularly is thus the best way to preserve your teeth and your smile. For more information, contact the Sacramento Dentistry Group at or at 916-538-6900.

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group