The Roxbury Institute Set to Redefine Lipedema Care With Appointment of Dr. Karen Herbst as Head of Research

The Roxbury Institute, globally recognized for its groundbreaking contributions to lipedema treatment, and home to the Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) program, proudly announces the appointment of Karen Herbst, Ph.D., M.D., as Head of Research and Director of Diagnostic and Preventative Medicine. 

The strategic partnership aligns with The Roxbury Institute's mission to advance the understanding and treatment of lipedema, a chronic, progressive disease characterized by abnormal fat distribution and swelling in the legs and arms affecting millions of women worldwide. This partnership also focuses on advancing other diseases of adipose connective tissue including lipolymphedema, Dercum’s disease, multiple symmetric lipomatosis, lipodystrophy, and others.

As a board-certified endocrinologist, Dr. Herbst brings unparalleled expertise, having dedicated over two decades to researching lipedema and related diseases frequently misdiagnosed as obesity. She has consistently pushed the boundaries of lipedema research, making significant strides in the characterization of the disease and earning her a global reputation as a leader in the field.

In her new role, Dr. Herbst will spearhead efforts to uncover the overlooked complexities of lipedema and associated diseases, with research focusing on lymphatic and vascular comorbidities, metabolic and hormonal factors, and inflammatory implications. Her integration of cutting-edge research with innovative diagnostic and preventative therapies aims to set new standards of care for lipedema, complementing traditional surgical interventions.

“After more than a decade of acknowledging each other’s contributions to the field of lipedema, it’s an incredible honor to work closely with Dr. Herbst,” said Dr. David Amron, The Roxbury Institute's founder and renowned specialist who has pioneered the surgical treatment of lipedema for over 25 years. “I’m certain that her research background and dedication to advancing treatment options beyond surgery will play an essential role in propelling our mission to vastly improve patient lives.”

Dr. Herbst is highly esteemed within the medical community for her outstanding research contributions and initiatives. Her career includes notable achievements such as leading an NIH-sponsored conference in 2019 to establish the first Standard of Care Guidelines for Lipedema in the United States and introducing new ICD-10 codes for lipedema and Dercum's disease at the CDC.

"I am deeply honored to collaborate with Dr. Amron in our shared mission to enhance the patient journey for those facing lipedema," said Dr. Herbst. "With our combined specialized knowledge in this often-overlooked field, we have an unprecedented opportunity to uncover clinical breakthroughs focused on diagnostic and preventative solutions, and I anticipate we will develop life-changing treatments for patients worldwide. I look forward to working with Dr. Amron and the exceptional team at The Roxbury Institute and The Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program.”

Alongside her research initiatives, Dr. Herbst will maintain an active clinical practice, providing personalized care to both new and existing patients, while also collaborating closely with Dr. David Amron and his team of treatment specialists.

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Source: The Roxbury Institute