American Mural Project Presents the Largest Indoor Collaborative Artwork in the World; Exhibit Opens in Winsted, CT, on June 18

American Mural Project Honors Work in America with Five-Stories-High Mural that Incorporates Artistic Contributions from Thousands of Children Across the Country

The American Mural Project (AMP), home to the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world, today announced the opening of the new exhibition beginning Saturday, June 18, 2022. The massive three-dimensional mural—measuring 120 feet long and five stories high—reveals a visual narrative of Americans at work and celebrates the various professions that have shaped American culture over the past century. Founded by artist Ellen Griesedieck in 2001, AMP's highly anticipated debut follows 22 years of research and design, mural assembly and installation, and renovation to the historic mill building in downtown Winsted.

Incorporating artistic contributions from thousands of children across the country, the mural features a vivid compilation of three-dimensional sculptural vignettes portraying Americans at work —from heart surgeons to steelworkers, firefighters to farmers, school teachers to fabricators of a 747 aircraft, and more. Constructed with unconventional materials, including honeycomb aluminum panels, blown glass, clay, reclaimed wood, native indigo, and spackle, the mural offers an optical journey and sensory adventure through the past 100 years of work in America.

A veteran artist, photographer, and designer, Ellen Griesedieck first conceived of the mural in 1999, with a vision to create a giant collaborative artwork that celebrates American ingenuity, productivity, and commitment to work. Depicting real men and women Griesedieck documented in her travels across the country, the extensive project was driven by her mission to empower and challenge others, especially children—not only by educating them on the varying types of work happening around them but by involving them in the mural's creation. 

"It is pretty wonderful to think that this idea, two decades in the making, has come full circle. This is not one artist's idea, but the work of many in collaboration," notes Ellen Griesedieck, artist and founder of the American Mural Project. The mural is standing thanks to an unprecedented collaboration with kids, teachers, donors, and professional tradespeople."

Through partnerships with schools, other nonprofits, and professionals in a range of fields—including NASA, Boeing, Habitat for Humanity, and HealthCorps—AMP has engaged more than 15,000 students and adults across the country in creating pieces of the mural. AMP has led projects with children from preschool to high school on artwork addressing health, fitness, conservation, energy alternatives, space exploration, and more. AMP's multi-state art collaborations are ongoing and intend to provide more children the opportunity to discover and explore interests and abilities in themselves, as well as possibilities in the world that they may never have imagined.

"The aspects that the American Mural Project celebrates—innovation, discovery, and ingenuity—match the exact spirit that the workforce here in Connecticut has delivered for many decades, which is why it is so appropriate that this exhibition is on display in our state," Governor Ned Lamont said. "Viewing this collaborative mural is an incredible educational and artistic experience."

Beyond the mural exhibit, education programs are AMP's primary focus and include programs for schools and teachers, after-school partnerships, summer enrichment sessions, and an apprentice-style internship program. 

AMP is located at 90 Whiting Street in Winsted, Connecticut. Open Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sunday, 12-5 p.m., year-round. Additional Thursday hours are planned. $12 adults, $10 seniors and veterans, $5 students, and free for children age 4 and younger. $25 unlimited pass, for use during open hours in 2022. Tickets and passes can be purchased at or in person. 


Source: American Mural Project


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