"The Roof Guard": Provides Neat and Clean Protection to Appearance of Pickup Truck

The Roof Guard is a form-fitting, heavy-duty guard designed to protect the trailing edge of a pickup's cab or cabin roof, from one end to the other. Equipped with loops for tie-downs serving to protect the truck's auxiliary brake-light, the Roof Guard protects the cabin roof from dents, scratches, and other damage, permitting the user to safely stow and carry more cargo in their truck. The Roof Guard also includes a rubber gasket on the underside of the unit, and four plastic plugs to cover the bolts, thus helping to prevent water damage.

This product is fabricated in a tough, resilient, heavy-duty molded thermoplastic, impervious to weather, heat, and UV rays, and coarsely textured on the upper surface. It is produced in different sizes for different makes and models of pickup. The Roof Guard will cover the entire trailing edge of the pickup's cab and features a centered, overhung recess for the auxiliary brake-light. At either end of the Roof Guard is a molded eye large enough to accommodate a tie-down rope or hook. The Roof Guard is not only protective but also offers a means of securing high or leaning loads in the truck-bed. The Roof Guard mounts to the cab roof with countersunk screws, two on either side of the brake-light recess (specified by the inventor as #14 x 1-inch Everbilt pan head Phillips). The screws mount directly into the cabin roof. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Roof Guard. 
The Roof Guard is Patent Pending and was invented by Gilbert Lascurain, Nancy Lascurain and Rebeccca Schreiner of Ontario, CA who said, “Until one faces the problems of hauling certain items and products in his or her pickup it is hard to picture the need for protection. The Roof Guard protects the roof of the truck from both cosmetic and structural damage. It not only looks good, it works perfectly. It is distinctive, attractive and mimics custom-made trim molding.”

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