"The Rig N Spin": A Multifunctional Lure for Spin-Fishing

Invents introduces "The Rig N Spin" which provides guidance to those weedy, deep areas where the big fish live.

​Attention avid fishermen! The new Rig N Spin is a multifunctional lure for spin-fishing --- a weighted, spinning rig lure designed to reach, attract, and take fish in heavy - cover, weedy areas where bigger fish lie.  It is tough, effective, and highly versatile and can be fished at a variety of depths and speeds (though slower is better) to give anglers greater success with gamefish of all kinds.
The Rig N Spin is designed to catch fish more effectively at any depth and at any speed or on weedy areas. The Rig N Spin can be trolled from a boat, cast and retrieved from dock or shore, fished fast or slow, deep or shallow, jigged, rigged and ice fished. It is effective in both open water and weeds. It is a tough and versatile lure ideal for a variety of freshwater gamefish, from large to small mouthed bass to trout, lake trout, northern pike and walleye as well as saltwater species including anadromous species like salmon and steelhead. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rig N Spin.
The Patent Pending Rig N Spin was invented by Andy Vander Ploeg, a professional fishing guide for over 20 years, living in Nanton, Alberta who said, “I developed this device over a period of 18 years. I deliberately designed a lure that would attract in heavy cover areas where most lures get hung up. The Rig N Spin is designed to exploit such areas by getting down to the fish and moving “weedlessly” through the cover, thus resulting in more catches than when using traditional or standard lures. I have a prototype and it works perfectly.”

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