The RF-38 Crime Stopper

The RF-38 Crime Stopper is effective and provides affordable security where it best beongs - in the palm of your hand.

The RF-38 Crime Stopper is a multifunction, battery-powered flashlight intended for use in self-defense. Equipped with a bright, blinding light to disorient attackers, as well as pepper spray and electroshock weapon capability for more extreme situations, the RF-38 Crime Stopper would offer law enforcement agencies and personnel, as well as consumers in states where citizens may possess and defend themselves with an electroshock weapon, an effective, affordable, instantly accessible and non-lethal means of disabling and pacifying and assailant.

A hand-held, heavy duty flashlight, The RF-38 Crime Stopper features a second mode of illumination as well: a ring of blindingly bright LEDs which encircle the head of the flashlight. Should these lights prove insufficient in defense, two further options remain available: the activation of a pepper spray canister or a hand-fired electrosock weapon; both located at the butt of the flashlight. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in the RF-38 Crime Stopper.

The Patent Pending RF-38 Crime Stopper was invented by Russell Fittipaldi of Manalapan, NJ, who said, "The RF-38 would be easy to handle, aim, and operate in any of its four modes (flashlight, evasion light, pepper spray, and electroshock weapon); and because all of these modes are contained in the same flashlight-sized unit, the user will have no need to manage multiple weapons as the situation escalates and the threat worsens."

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