'The Revolutionary Patio Screen Door': Perfect New Standard for Sliding Glass Doors

If readers have sliding glass doors in their home then chances are they have had to replace the screen door at least once, if not more. There is a new door that will replace the sliding screen door and make life easier. The Revolutionary Patio Screen Door will replace the sliding screen doors associated with sliding glass patio doors with a traditional, hinged screen door. Sold as an easy-to-install kit, the Revolutionary Patio Screen Door will eliminate the problems of sliding screen doors, which tend to come off their tracks or get stuck.

The Revolutionary Patio Screen Door offers consumers with sliding-glass patio, porch, or balcony doors the best of both worlds. The sliding plate-glass patio door has a traditional, self-closing, hinged screen door that replaces the existing sliding screen door. The Revolutionary Patio Screen Door is a complete, easy-to-install kit suitable for installation as either a retrofit to replace a sliding screen or for installation in newly constructed homes. The door itself, fabricated in wood or possibly vinyl or aluminum clad, measures 94”H x 36½”W, with a center cross-brace and handles on both sides. The hinge-side “jamb” of the Revolutionary Patio Screen Door consists of two additional milled pieces of trim, which are screwed into the end of the existing glass-door frame, one is the casing anchor and the other is called the converter board. Together, they form the “jamb” of the Revolutionary Patio Screen Door and the fastening base for the screen door's hinges. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Revolutionary Patio Screen Door.
The Revolutionary Patio Screen Door is patent pending and was invented by Ben Hunter of Moreno Valley, California, who said, “I have a working prototype on which I installed a hydraulic door-closer that eliminates the door slamming and provides a smooth and even closure. It is a great improvement over typical sliding screen doors. It works.”

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