"The Reusable Green Palatine Bag-Woven": A Reusable Shopping Bag

"The Reusable Green Palatine Bag-Woven" are mesh bags have removable liners that prevent puncturing and leaking.

​Finally, those sharp edges of purchased fruit or other products poke the bag and cause drips all the way home from the market., whether into the trunk or the car carpet or on the public transportation such as a bus or train.  The Reusable Green Palatine Bag-Woven is a reusable shopping bag that boasts an expandable, woven mesh wall and a removable, leak-proof liner made of biodegradable plastic. The bag folds down flat for easy storage
This newly designed bag is vital to users because it is an extremely strong green and superior alternative to ordinary disposable and/or fabric shopping bags or one which might provide reliable storage and transport for a wide variety of grocery items and other personal goods. The Reusable Green Palatine Bag-Woven will hold and withstand up to 50 pounds. It can be cleaned easily and has inside pockets for small items such as keys, etc. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the reusable Green Palatine Bag-Woven.
The Patent Pending Reusable Green Bag-Woven was invented by Ramesh Sookdeo of White Plains, NY who said, “It is made in different sizes in order to accommodate all types of shopping needs. The mesh can be diamond shaped, square, or circular and it has Velcro fasteners or straps so the top can be sealed to avoid spillage.”

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