"The Return to Camp": Keeps Track of and Sends for a Person Out

The word wanderlust is a German word for the irresistibly strong desire to travel or wander. However, when children wander away from the family or a parent in places such as a large amusement park it can be scary. One is never missing for long when this unique bracelet is worn by both a parent/caregiver and a youngster. The Return To Camp is a set of waterproof, wireless, electronically linked, watch-like wristbands that enable parents, caretakers, authorities, and/or group leaders of children or adults to alert them when it's time to “return to camp,” or to a predetermined meeting place. Featuring two alert-modes, and potentially incorporating a GPS-tracking app for primary smartphone, Return to Camp has been designed to make it easy for anyone to locate and re-unite with their children or others in public settings virtually anywhere.

The Return To Camp system consists of two waterproof wristband/bracelets with one worn by the parent, (caretaker or primary leader), equipped with an RF transmitter; and one for each child or adult, equipped with an RF receiver. The wristbands resemble digital watches. Both bracelets are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and feature solar panels for recharging the batteries in daylight. (The system includes a charging plug, adapter, and USB/mini-USB charging cord.) The face of the adult wristband features an LED panel indicating the time and below this, a panel featuring a centered, “RTC” activation button, flanked on the left by a yellow LED that blinks when the Return to Camp radio-signal alert has been transmitted, and on the right by a separate button that activates – in the child's receiving bracelet – a vibration function. Below this activation panel is a press-button panel that de-activates the transmitter when re-united with their child. The face of the child's bracelet is like the adult's, with an LED time panel flanked by solar-panels at the top, and a centered “RTC” panel below it. The “RTC” letters are black against a clear background that becomes backlit with flashing yellow when the transmitter has been activated. It is equipped with a vibration function automatically activated after five minutes; the vibration mode continues at regular intervals until the child has returned to the meeting place and the adult has de-activated the alert. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Return to Camp.
The Patent Pending Return To Camp was invented by Heather Urban and Renee Haynes of Menifee, CA who said, “The wandering lust is a part of everyone’s psyche. Return To Camp or RTC is a valuable set of bracelets to alert a child it is time to come to the pre-set meeting place. It will benefit families and other groups in public places such as a mall or concert or other type of crowded event. It works perfectly.”

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