"The Removarack": Designed for Pick-Up Owners Needing Transport for Ladders and More

Imagine having the ability to change over the way your pickup truck can handle certain items such as carrying a couple of large ladders or more. It need not be left to the imagination when this new product is in place. The Removarack is a universally designed portable ladder rack system to be easily installed in virtually any pickup truck bed. The design intent is to provide the owners and operators of pickup trucks a reliable method of transporting ladders and other tools, without requiring the permanent installation of a standard truck rack.

The universal design accommodates virtually any make or model pickup on the road. The Removarack is manufactured primarily of lightweight, heavy duty aluminum tubing and features nonskid foam rubber components. A collapsible framework, the Removarack is generally rectangular with an expandable depth ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet. Most notably, as opposed to traditional truck racks permanently bolted within the truck, one erects the vertical support on the bed unit and locks it into position. The next step is to slide the unit into the bed, close the tailgate and place the no slip, no scratch “Roof Bar” on the cab roof towards the rear. Then the user secures the “Roof Bar” to the roof with the retractable web strap contained in the “Roof Bar”.  You now are ready to load with ladders, long materials, etc. Use your own web straps to secure load to the “Roof Bar” and to bed side wall eye cleats. The inventor recommends wrapping materials once to prevent slippage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest.

The Removarack is Patent Pending and was invented by Joseph Mickley of Eldersburg, MD who said, “This is a vital product for small truck owners because it handles everything with convenience and safety. It works perfectly and is easy to install and cost-effective.”

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