"The Raptor": Jump Rope With Entertainment and Finesse

Jumping rope provides a wonderful workout for users. Kids and adults enjoy rope jumping both as a fitness accessory and for fun. Group/Double Dutch rope jumping competition is fascinating to view and when using The Raptor, a lone jumper will enjoy the exercise more than ever before. The Raptor is a modified jumping rope improved with a bevy of exciting new features including handles shaped like Raptor claws, and a jump rope that retracts into these handles. The Raptor also includes LED lights and an MP3 player in the handles. The design intent is to provide both adults and children with a jump rope that is stylish, compact, easily portable, entertaining and easy to use and one which eliminates tripping hazards.

The ten-foot, heavy-duty rope is of professional quality with the difference from standard jump ropes found in the handles. As the name implies, it has a Raptor-claw shaped housing with ergonomically shaped hand grips. These components are equipped with a spring-coil mechanism allowing the rope to be extended out of and retracted into the handles by simply pressing a button. In this manner, users would be able to extend the rope to a desired length, locking it into place via the button or the entire length of rope can be automatically coiled within the handles and stored between uses. This feature renders The Raptor compactable and easily portable, reducing clutter, storage dilemmas, and tripping hazards often encountered with standard lengths of jumping rope. With the rope completely encased in the housing it prevents a dangerous tripping hazard when ropes are carelessly left on floors or the ground. The Raptor is available in a variety of colors and styles. Kid will appreciate the festive, flashing LEDs along with the Bluetooth-enhanced speaker for playing tunes. These features are in the adult version too, along with a counter mechanism and a digital display showing the number of jumps completed as well as the user's heart rate. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Raptor. 
The Raptor is Patent Pending and was invented by Donald K. Ulrich, III of Islip, NY who said, “The Raptor provides fast and fluent motion with comfortable grips for hours of amusement and exercise. It works and relieves tension and stress.”

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