4WD Supacentre: The Range of Adventure Kings Gazebo Accessories is Changing Campsites Across OZ!

Portable Gazebos

Adventure Kings Gazebos are one of the many milestones that have absolutely shattered a market filled with overpriced and inferior quality gazebo’s.

Adventure Kings Gazebo range is built tough enough to survive the harshest  Australian weather conditions without issues. The solid steel hammertone finished frame is reinforced at its hinging points, meaning it has a solid structure and foundation to support the waterproof 420D Oxford PU coated polyester high peaked roof.

Due to overwhelming demand, Adventure Kings had to expand the range of gazebos to include the massive Adventure Kings 6m x 3m option, having literally double the usable sheltered space beneath it.

Along with the addition of a larger double sized 6m x 3m gazebo, the brand new range of Adventure Kings gazebo accessories, easily fastened to both sizes of Adventure Kings Gazebos using Velcro fastenings. With its accessories being tailor-made to fit a gazebo’s folding frame, there are no issues with aesthetics with the whole range of accessories fitting neatly to the concertina steel frame.

These brand new accessories offer extra dimensions of usability in nearly any situation, and replicate the form and functionality of the already successful range of Adventure Kings Awning accessories.

The quickest and most versatile accessory one can add to an Adventure Kings gazebo setup regardless of the size chosen is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall, being 3m wide and made from 210D waterproof it offers stacks of additional privacy from campsite neighbors, shelter from the wind and rain.

Another simple gazebo upgrade in the range is an Adventure Kings mosquito net. Being a fully sealed room with a PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net is perfect for setups in wetland areas, where mosquitos and other insects can cause grief and irritation for little people, and is even perfect in the desert, preventing the dreaded blowy (blow flies).

Despite the 3m x 3m size, the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net fits easily on most gazebos including the larger Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo, offering half insect proof shelter and allowing space for adding a few Adventure Kings Gazebo Side walls or even the new Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent.

The fully weather-proof Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers an enclosed and fully self-standing shelter and when it is fitted to an Adventure Kings gazebo, creates a solid base camp for weekend adventures and even for reserving a campsite and securing loose valuable items around camp.

Built from a tough wearing 210D Waterproof polyester fabric, and with a durable PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers versatile shelter from wind and rain and with its massive mosquito netting windows prevents insects from bothering whilst still allowing plenty of ventilation and air flow for when it is needed the most!

Offering excellent waterproofing on a sturdy setup, it is no wonder Adventure Kings Gazebos and Adventure Kings Gazebo accessories are showing up at campsites, beaches and parks in every corner of the Australian continent.

To find out more about the Adventure Kings Gazebo and Adventure Kings Gazebo Accessories Range head over to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au or call 1800 88 39 64 to speak to one of the company’s experts.

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