Adventure Kings Continues to Innovate

Adventure Kings continues to innovate

4WD Supacentre is dedicated to offering Aussie 4WDers campers and outdoor enthusiasts the best value for the money equipment that they can find on the market. This dedication has led to the development of better and better gear for less and less money.

One of the latest release products in the Adventure Kings Range that is making waves with Aussie campers is the hugely practical Adventure Kings 15L Console Fridge Freezer. Unlike many similar sized units on the market, this fridge freezer uses a compressor for not only improving the energy efficiency but also for maximum control of temperature down to -18°C. The 15L capacity is capable of fitting 18 cans inside, and this device will run on 12v or 24v, perfect for refreshing drinks anywhere, and as a bonus, it is designed to mount in the center console area of most modern 4WDs and SUVs, ideal for long trips and tradies.

Some of our latest upgrades to the range include powerful updates to our solar power range, with the most impressive update being the Adventure Kings 250W Solar blanket. This beast includes a set of kickstands, which means it can be set up anywhere to face the sun, providing a reliable 12.6A of charging current to top up camping batteries.

To further add to the already impressive Light range available at 4WD Supacentre, the Adventure Kings LED Replacement headlights offer 4WDers a perfect way to increase the output of their factory lighting, being a simple plug-and-play install. There are even kits which include CANSTAR modules to prevent the computer from throwing out error codes.

If the light from LED replacement headlights didn’t offer enough LED light, the Adventure Kings Lighting Range now includes a 24” Laser Lightbar which is blindingly bright and offers a huge 914m range and is designed to fit on many bull bars and plenty of spread for winding country roads.

In some parts of the country, when driving through sand dunes drivers are legally required to install a sand dune safety flag, with the popularity of tracks through the Simpson desert, it makes sense for Adventure Kings to produce a 3m Sand flag to meet the demand.

Another high-demand item recently released is a durable and weather-resistant insulation cover for the Adventure Kings 90L Fridge freezer, offering superb insulation to improve on-track performance, this cover fits neatly on the Adventure Kings 90L Fridge freezer and protects it from bumps scratches and dust on the tracks so is a must-have for serious campers.

The addition of an Adventure Kings Hanging Pantry to nearly any campsite gives campers a tidy way to keep the camp kitchen organised and ready at eye-level, with midge-proof mesh keeping insects away and everything easy to reach.

One of the most recent updates to the Adventure Kings' range of gear available from 4WD Supacentre’s camping stores is a convenient folding Kings Folding Pet Bed with a 50 kg max weight rating. Even larger family pets can be comfy at camp.

With an ever-expanding range, the Adventure Kings range of gear offers campers the best value setups for the lowest price possible. To find out more about the latest releases from the industry leaders, head to or call the experts at 1800 88 39 64 for the best advice and latest bargains.

Source: 4WD Supacentre

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