Adventure Kings Brand New Throttle Controllers - Update the Way You Drive!

Adventure Kings Brand New Throttle Controllers - Update the way you drive!

The all-new Adventure Kings Throttle Controllers have just launched, and are being snapped up by 4WDers and campers around the country as a simple, cheap way to fix one of the biggest problems in modern vehicles.

Modern 4WDs with electronic throttles can experience ‘throttle lag’, which is the delay between pressing down on the throttle, and the engine responding. That’s because no longer is there a mechanical link in the form of a throttle cable between the pedal and the engine. Instead, sensors read the position of the throttle and control fuel and air injection accordingly. A ‘doughy’ accelerator is the direct result of this throttle lag.

The Adventure Kings Throttle Controllers installs in minutes with factory-fit connector plugs that allow it to read the input from the throttle and adjust output to the engine accordingly. Installation is as simple as unplugging the connector off the back of the throttle pedal, and plugging in the Adventure Kings Throttle Control Unit inline. Engineered and built in Austria, the Adventure Kings Throttle Controllers are controllable by an official app that lets the user select the level of throttle response. It has multiple in-built safeguards and is built tough enough to withstand temperatures up to an incredible 121 degrees C.

Adventure Kings camping and 4WD gear have taken over every campsite and 4WD track in the country, and with good reason. Our business model is simple; we’ve cut out the middleman, sell in bulk and operate on razor-thin margins to be able to offer incredible quality products at prices that the competition can’t come anywhere near. We’ve done to the 4WD industry what Aldi did the big supermarkets, and over 750,000 customers around the country prove we’re onto a winning formula. Every product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is backed by a dedicated, 35-strong customer service team to ensure complete satisfaction.

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