"The Random Number Generator": Aids Increasing Chances on Lottery Quick Picks

For many consumers the word “shuffle” or shuffled does not come into everyday use. However, sometimes it helps to shuffle the numbers one wants to use rather than use those that are computer generated when playing some lottery games. The Random Number Generator is a bottle-and-tube assembly that is specially designed to dispense randomized numerical values when choosing such for lottery games. The design intent is to provide consumers who enjoy playing the lottery with an easier and a more trustworthy means of attaining random numbers for games such as Pick 3 or Pick 6, instead of the computer-generated “quick pick” system.

The Random Number Generator consists of a dispenser tube companioned with a plastic, roomy clear bottle that houses a series of numbered cubes. Topped with a cap tube assembly, the clear tube measures approximately ½ inch, 9/16 inch, or ¾ inch in diameter, depending upon the size of numbers cubes used. The bottom of the tube is connected to the opening of the bottle via a rubberized
tapered open cap so the numbered cubes can easily drop inside the tube without hanging up. The bottle housing the numbers can be an eight-ounce container, or larger for more freedom of mixture and shuffle. The square cubes themselves measure between ¼ inch and 3/8 inch and are fashioned of either plastic or aluminum/metal material. Separate patterns of numbers would be available for Pick 3 and Pick 6 games; respectively, cubes numbered 0-9 and 10-70. To use the Random Numbers Generator, one places the chosen games' cubes inside the bottle. Connecting the tube, the user then shakes the bottle to mix the numbers, turn it upside down, and allow the randomized numbers to fall into the tube. The displayed numbers are the ones played by the user and hopefully will lead to a sizable jackpot!  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Random Number Generator.

The Random Number Generator is Patent Pending and was invented by Frederick Brown of Lake View Terrace, CA who said, “I have a prototype and it is a perfect number shuffler because it mixes up the order of the numbers and is a welcome alternative to using the numbers selected by the computer. It is often frustrating to a consumer to have the lottery computer make the choices simply because it is faster. The Random Number Generator works.”

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