'The Quiet Clipper With Sleeve': Elegant and Refined Method to Clip Nails With Little or No Sound at All

Personal grooming changes depending on the individual. Hair, teeth, skin and nails are all a vital part of good grooming. Grooming is simpler and easier using certain tools, including when trimming the nails. The Quiet Clipper with Sleeve is a GAME CHANGER line of specially designed nail clippers featuring a removable sleeve.

Nail clippers in the line will feature a spring-loaded insert to reduce or dampen the sound that occurs when clipping one's nails, and the sleeve also serves to reduce noise, as well as contain any fly-away nail clippings, resulting in a quieter nail clipper that trims nails in a mess-free manner. This allows the clipper to be used in public in an elegant manner. The removable sleeve is also transferable to nail clippers of equal size.

The Quiet Clipper with Sleeve is comprised of a set of specially designed nail clippers featuring a spring-loaded insert designed to quiet or soften the noise that ordinary nail clippers make when trimming finger or toe nails. In addition, a specially designed sleeve system would cover the back of the nail clippers, as well as the front where the clippers do the cutting. The front portion of this sleeve will also feature a clipper head cover that is composed of a customized front flap comprised of elasticized material which, when closed, allows for nail clipping through the strategically placed opening. In this manner, when nails are clipped, the noise is dampened and the clippings are contained within the sleeve until emptied by the user. The sleeve is removable and can be transferred and applied to other clippers according to size. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Quiet Clipper With Sleeve.

The Quiet Clipper With Sleeve is Patented and was invented by Welwyn Gittens of Freeport, NY, who said, “The Quiet Clipper with Sleeve offers consumers and professionals alike a quiet and neat manner in which to clip or trim nails, and the sleeve system catches any fly-away clippings. No more seeing or feeling a cut nail on a carpet or rug, and most of all, no hearing a nail clipper when in use. This device places trimmed nails where they were meant to be — in the wastebasket. The Quiet Clipper With Sleeve works.”

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