"The Quick Stick Pick Up": A Specially Designed Portable Adhesive Lint Roller

Invents unveils "The Quick Stick Pick Up" which cleans light floor debris without need for user to be on hands and knees.

The floor is normally the first visual one has upon entering a home, office, lobby, or other area. Dark hardwood floors, dark colored design-free rugs and carpets, tile or vinyl flooring show even minute particles of lint or other debris. One way to accomplish a perfect visual is to use the Quick Stick Pick Up.  This is a specially designed portable adhesive lint roller (similar to the lint removal hand rollers used for clothing) that is mounted to an elongated, adjustable support pole.  The design intent is to provide consumers with a compact and easy-to-access tool for everyday use in cleaning loose debris, dust, hair and other residue off carpets, area rugs and other flooring. It enables the user to quickly accomplish this in a standing position.

The Quick Stick Pick Up has only two main components, the actual lint roller and the durable, adjustable support pole on which the roller is mounted. The roll of adhesive sheets are made to tear-off and once a dirty sheet is removed the picker-upper is ready for the next use. Replacement rollers are available and this product offers home maintenance with a smile. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Quick Stick Pick Up.
The Patent Pending Quick Stick Pick Up was invented by Lolita Bonick of Plainfield, IL who said, “The easily disposable peel-away sheets are extremely useful. No brushes to clean out, no container to empty, and no batteries to replace or electrical cords to deal with. It is a stand up tool and sticks to whatever litter is on the floor and it deserves the name—Quick Stick Pick Up.”

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