"The Potty Shield": A Specially Designed Protective Shield and Covering for Toilet Openings

"The Potty Shield" is ideal for use by property managers, snowbirds, and off-site owners.

​The blessings of having a second home may not always be a blessing. A vacant home can attract many undesirables and one place the vermin and other “nasty” elements might appear is in the bathroom and the toilet bowl.  The Potty Shield is a specially designed protective shield and covering for toilet openings featuring a peel-and-stick style adhesive for securing the unit over and to the toilet bowl rim. By covering the toilet, the design intent is to provide a virtually air-tight way in which to prevent water from evaporating into the air, and allow unwanted vermin and insects into the house. It is easy-to-apply and  it is ideal for use by property managers or homeowners who are away from for home for extended periods. The Potty Shield serves to keep rats, snakes, roaches, spiders and the like from using the toilet as an ingress point.

The Potty Shield is made of a durable polypropylene and is oval in shape to match the toilet bowl opening itself; there also are various sizes to accommodate the numerous toilets in today’s marketplace as well as existing toilet bowls. A strong but removable peel-away paper lines the inner edge of the shield for use in securing it to the rim of the toilet bowl, completely covering the bowl opening. The disposable Potty Shield is also offered in a variety of colors to blend with any bathroom’s existing décor.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Glove Drying Stand.
The Patent Pending Potty Shield was invented by Jean Weber and Bruce Brown of Langhorne, PA who said, “This is such a great aid for those who want to confidently leave their homes unattended for extended period of time without worry that they will return to find telltale signs of invasion such as feces, chewed wires, or worse—a pest still hiding in the house. It is ideal for use in any building with a toilet. It works perfectly.”

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