The Plumbing Life Saver Explains How to Avoid Common Winter Drain Issues

With winter on the way, it's important to understand common plumbing problems experienced by households in port stephens and effective ways for preventing them.

The Plumbing Life Saver

As the premier plumber port stephens wide, The Plumbing Life Saver offers affordable 24/7 plumbing services. With a team of certified local plumbers, The Plumbing Life Saver has plenty of experience dealing with all plumbing issues including gas installation, general home plumbing and maintenance as well as fixing blocked drains port stephens wide. 

The Plumbing Life Saver explains there are common winter plumbing problems that affect the area due to dropping temperatures. One of the most common issues for households in port stephens in winter is backed up kitchen drains. Colder temperatures can cause grease that has been washed down the drain to congeal, which can create a clog and back up the drain. If the issue is not addressed, it can get much worse and cause expensive plumbing problems.

According to The Plumbing Life Saver, another common issue is the laundry plumbing system being affected by colder temperatures. If the plumbing lines are too shallow in the ground, the laundry drainage system can back up as most people use cold water to wash their clothing to save on energy costs.

There is also the possibility for pipes to burst in winter. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to expand and contract, which can damage the metal and create major plumbing issues that can be expensive to repair, explains The Plumbing Life Saver. Water that sits in the pipes can also freeze which can cause damage. 

By taking the right precautionary steps, The Plumbing Life Saver says many common winter plumbing issues can be prevented. Ensuring anything that is washed down the kitchen sink is flushed with hot water will help to avoid clogs and back ups. In winter, switching to a warm water wash cycle can help keep laundry pipes that are shallow in the ground from freezing. 

Renowned for providing reliable, convenient and prompt service, The Plumbing Life Saver team is available anytime to help with both minor and major plumbing issues. For more information about their industry leading services including fixing hot water port stephens wide, contact The Plumbing Life Saver today.

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Source: The Plumbing Life Saver