"The Plate Wedge": Provides Dining Comfort to Those With Mobility Challenges

The Plate Wedge is a specially configured, adjustable support mechanism, to be positioned below plates and bowls, which tilts the plate or bowl at a chosen slight angle, toward the user. The design intent is to provide consumers who suffer mobility challenges with a practical tool to enable them to comfortably and easily access and scoop foods from their plate or bowl without the risk of spills and similar embarrassing mishaps.

The Plate Wedge is primarily made of a heavy duty, shatterproof plastic material and features foam rubber components. A simple crescent shape accommodates the plate or bowl shape and is configured at an angle. The back of the unit measures marginally taller in height than its front end. The Plate Wedge is adjustable in width, up to eight inches to accommodate dishes of various sizes. Located on the underside of the unit is a non-slip, fitted foam rubber base that gently but gently hugs the table surface. The top of the unit is hinge mounted to the base, so the top is adjustable to various angles with a maximum height of four inches. The top of the unit boasts a foam rubber padding or textured surface serving to grip the plate or bowl utilized in conjunction with the device, regardless if the dish is manufactured of ceramic, glass, or plastic material. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Plate Wedge. 
The Plate Wedge is Patent Pending and was invented by Schaphir Joachin and his wife from Jacksonville, FL who have been working in Occupational Therapy for over ten years. They invented the Plate Wedge to assist their patients with limitations feeding themselves due to neurological or Orthopedic conditions. The Plate Wedge allows patients to increase their independence while self-feeding and also helping to maintain their dignity during social situations.

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