"The Phone Mirror": App Provides Makeup Accessory and Serves as a Flashlight Too

Attention females (and all genders young or old)! If you are tired of carrying all the different equipment often needed to repair or replace your makeup, then this device is for you because it alleviates extra items like a mirror when outside the home. Better yet, it also aids a user in locating missing or dropped items. The Phone Mirror equips a smartphone with an actual, full-screen mirror with close-up or zoom capability. A handy app for anyone, the Phone Mirror is especially appealing to females, who currently must carry a separate mirror for applying or touching up makeup.

The Phone Mirror is a smartphone software application (app), designed to install an actual, optical, zooming mirror within a smartphone screen. The mirror, which would be transparent and therefore invisible when not in use, would be accessed within the phone's app menu; and, when activated with a simple touch of the app's icon, would in effect bring the mirror's reflective surface forward, converting the phone's screen into an actual mirror – not a camera function but an actual, optical mirror containing an On/Off backlight for illumination where needed, as well as a close-up or zoom capability, with a sliding-bar, touch zoom control. The user simply downloads the hone Mirror app, after which they have an actual, zooming mirror available for instant use at the touch of a fingertip. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Phone Mirror.
The Phone Mirror is Patent Pending and was invented by Jaime Munoz and Rina Munoz of Altadena, CA who said, “This product provides a lighted compact mirror at the touch of a fingertip. Phones are always within reach of a user and this app will supply the need to carry a separate makeup mirror and can also serve as light to a missing object. It works.”

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