"The Perfect Score": A Modular, Snap-Together Kitchen Accessory

Invents unveils "The Perfect Score" which supplies portion control with a snap for every chef or cook.

​Anyone serving food and familiar with measuring procedures will quickly see the benefit of The Perfect Score. The Perfect Score is a modular, snap-together kitchen accessory designed to make the slicing and the servicing of foods cooked in baking pans such as casseroles, brownies, lasagna, etc. in neat and even proportions. It measures a perfect slice each time and has two sizes for the half or the full pan. The commercial version is made of metal and the home version of plastic and both versions are dishwasher safe.

The Perfect Score offers restaurant kitchen staff and food service operators, as well as the home cook, with a simple, modular baking accessory which snaps together in order to form a grid-pattern cutting tool. Professionals will benefit from the use of The Perfect Score but so will at-home cooking and baking amateurs. It provides the perfect slice every time. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Perfect Score.

The Patent Pending, The Perfect Score, was invented by Pete Kontoulaskos and Roccco Vaglica of New Hyde Park, NY, both of whom said, “The bottom line in every restaurant or deli requires consistent serving sizes. In a family household one sibling might feel slighted if another received a bigger slice. The Perfect Score keeps that from happening. It is easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. Once the unit has been snapped together it can be pressed downward until the blades contact the pan bottom. The serving is then easily removed from the pan to the serving plate.”

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