"The Peep Hole Cam": Displays Exterior Visitor From a Distance Without Having to Place Eye Into Door Area

​Safety first are two words we frequently hear and say. But, that isn’t always as simple as it might sound. If one is using the Peep Hole Cam that shows on the monitor who is at the door, safety is the perfect byword. The Peep Hole Cam is a tiny digital camera intended for installation in an exterior door’s peep-hole. It is activated by motion outside the doorway and displays and stores recorded images on a separate wall-mounted, LCD screen — away from the door (even, perhaps on a smartphone).  The Peep Hole Cam enables the consumer to know who is at the door – friend, family, or stranger - without placing themselves at risk by opening the door or even approaching it.
The camera is similar to the cameras on smartphones and designed to screw neatly into the pre-existing, threaded cylindrical fitting for an exterior door’s peep-hole lens and actually take the place of the peep-hole lens and threaded-sleeve fitting. The camera is battery-powered and has a lightweight rechargeable battery-pack equipped with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing. It has a motion -sensor to detect the presence of an individual at the door and activates the camera.  At this point the display screen monitor will be activated on the resident’s wall, smartphone, tablet or computer, alerting them to the presence of the person outside while giving time-from behind a locked door-to determine whether or not it is safe to open the door.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Peep Hole Cam.
The Patent Pending Peep Hole Cam was invented by Timothy Bauswell of Warren, MI who said, “A door with a peep-hole is superior to one without it but the disadvantage is that it puts your face right up against the door. The Peep Hole Cam does not require that and also takes digital photos or video and stores contents. Photographic evidence and identification of would be perpetrators or intruders are stored and law enforcement will quickly benefit should there be a problem.  It works.”
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