"The Pedestrian Warning Signal": Provides Impact on Motorists/pedestrians at Potentially Dangerous Areas

Safety first is vitally important to everyone and particularly those individuals who are walking to and from one place to another. The Pedestrian Warning Signal is a lighted sign for display in automotive vehicles that promotes a campaign for pedestrian safety. The design intent is to provide a visual advisory to fellow motorists to be on the lookout for pedestrians when approaching crosswalks and intersections.

The Pedestrian Warning Signal takes the form of a sign installed in automotive vehicles offering a highly visible means of spreading the message. Provided as an aftermarket product or preferably installed onto vehicles at point of manufacture, the Pedestrian Warning Signal is positioned in the rear window of the vehicle and connected to a remote transmitter also located in the automobile. Universal in design to accommodate cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans, each Pedestrian Warning Signal sign contains dimensions of approximately 4”L x 6”W and 1/2” in depth. The electrical components of the Pedestrian Warning Signal consist of a series of red or white light emitting diodes (LEDs) and resistors (500 ohms), along with an AWG cable. Protected by a cylindrical plastic casing and reflecting film the Pedestrian Warning Signal when activated, brilliantly displays the words, “Warning: Walking Pedestrians,” as well as walking silhouettes are easily seen by the driver behind regardless of weather conditions. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pedestrian Warning Signal.
The Pedestrian Warning Signal is Patent Pending and was invented by Jose Delgado of San Pedro, CA who said, “Good communication is the key to safety and this product provides exactly that. It is a simple way to convey to motorists the importance of keeping an eye out for fellow travelers who are walking.It works perfectly and quickly acknowledges to even the newest of drivers the importance of being watchful when driving.”

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