"The P.S. Hygiene Liner": Provides Perfect Safety Feature for Users Needing Skin Protection

Whether one is or is not overweight, perspiration can be a problem. Defeating odor and stains as well as possible bacterial problems is possible when one using this special shield. The P.S. Hygiene Liner is a soft and comfortable, disposable, moisture-absorbent, sanitary hygiene liner, which can be used virtually anywhere on the body for sweat-absorption, odor-elimination, and prevention of bacterial infections at the sites of healing surgical incisions and in the folds of skin of the obese. Produced in four sizes, the P.S. Hygiene Liner would enhance its users' comfort and peace-of-mind while meeting a widely shared need among millions of consumers.

The P.S. Hygiene Liner has an oblong shape, with a flat bottom and rounded ends. The top of the Liner is rolled over to form a concave, soft cotton arch that extends nearly the length of the Liner. Sometimes when it is also used to protect a healing surgical incision, the P.S. Hygiene Liner may be held in place by a suitable tape, by clothing, or by a fold in one's skin. For use in capturing perspiration which occurs in the skin-folds or rolls of obese persons, the Liner is placed in a comfortable orientation---into the fold, and thereafter held in place by the overlying skin. For use in protecting the surgical incisions (or dressed wounds) of pets, the Liner would be placed over or adjacent to the incision, and likely taped in place. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the P.S Hygiene Liner.

The P.S. Hygiene Liner is Patent Pending and was invented by M. D. of Oceanside, CA who said, “This will help overweight males and females of any age (including animals with incisions). Better yet, it aids females with large breasts who suffer from perspiration. All people who perspire excessively will find this beneficial because it minimizes moisture between skin layers. It is the perfect way to stay comfortable and odor free.  It works.”

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