"The Omni Shelf": Provides Instant Temporary Shelving for Display or Storage

The Omni Shelf is a line of portable shelving consisting of removable and interchangeable shelves easily attached to their companion, adhesive-backed brackets. The shelving can be adhered to any flat surface without the need for tools. The design intent is to provide consumers who live and work in small spaces, with a simple and effective means of achieving functional and decorative shelving space, without marring wall surfaces, or requiring a professional installer. The brackets can also be screw mounted.

The Omni Shelf consists of a series of the shelving surfaces and companion mounting brackets. The latter, fabricated of durable ABS plastic materials are backed with  a  mounting  tape  that  securely  affixes  the  bracket to the wall in a horizontal position. Additionally, an open track is available  for  insertion  of  the provided shelf surface. The shelf is initially offered as a flat rectangular unit and the shelf arm offers a swivel-connection to allow for extension, retraction and folding down  for  compact  storage  when  left  in  place. Easily interchangeable, the Omni Shelf surface is available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles including but not limited to solids, checkerboard, floral, and seasonal patterns. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Omni Shelf.

The Patent Pending Omni Shelf was invented by Eric Gonzales of Bronx, NY who said, “The Omni Shelf works perfectly in small spaces, whether it be a living space or an office. It is a practical system where space is limited and storage is imperative. It is an instant shelf that can hold anything from potted plants, photographs, books or office supplies and, when not in use, remove and store or fold down. It works.”

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