NutriCellix, Inc. has publicly released testimonials from users of its revolutionary, DNA-based weight management system. In January 2020, NutriCellix pioneered an enhanced direct-to-consumer business model offering a suite of science-based, breakthrough products that are engineered to help people manage their weight. At the heart of this new system are DNA-based supplements— unique to every individual— which are created in distinct AM and PM formulas to work with the body’s own circadian rhythms. NutriCellix is at the forefront of the exciting move to bring the genomic revolution to weight management.

Founder and CEO Bo Short said that “People are discovering what our Science Team already knew: the NutriCellix System is a game-changer in the personal battle of weight loss.”

Bri L. of Overland Park, Kansas said in a recent interview that she had “noticed a huge change in her appetite” right away. “I currently have lost 9 pounds in two and a half weeks,” she said. “I don’t feel hungry. I’m not counting every calorie. I’m loving the products. I’m feeling great. I’ve got more energy, and I’m eating less.”

Keith B. is an athletic coach in Girard, Ohio. “The science behind NutriCellix got my attention. It’s amazing. I immediately saw results and started dropping weight. I lost about 8 pounds in the first 12 or so days. I was eating less, but not consciously. I just wasn’t hungry. Phenomenal results!”

A self-described “busy mom of four,” Nicole F. of Jupiter, Florida said NutriCellix has “been a blessing to me. I’ve lost 8.2 pounds in two and a half weeks. It has really suppressed my appetite. I have more energy and feel better.”

On its YouTube Channel (, NutriCellix has launched an all-new video series, “Your DNA / Your Results,” where complete and on-going testimonials will be available.

Founder and President Roni Short said, “We knew we had our hands on a solution to one of life’s biggest challenges. We also wanted to bring it to the public at a price anyone can afford. That is why the complete NutriCellix System, comprised of four cutting-edge products that are used in conjunction with a free app, cost less per day than the average American spends on lunch.”

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