NutriCellix, Inc. Launches Enhanced Direct-to-Consumer Model Introducing Weight Management Powered by DNA

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On Jan. 3, 2020 Dallas, Texas-based NutriCellix, Inc. pioneered and launched a new, enhanced, direct-to-consumer business model, bringing to market for the first time a unique, revolutionary and proprietary weight management system that is powered by the human genome. The complete NutriCellix System is comprised of four cutting-edge products that are used in conjunction with a free app and cost less per day than the average American spends on lunch. 

NutriCellix offers supplements that are custom-designed for every user. The process begins with a DNA swab examined by a HIPAA-compliant, CLIA-certified lab, which looks closely at a number of specific genes and variations within those genes that have everything to do with encoding proteins that control weight and fat in the human body. A proprietary formula algorithm uses that information to custom design AM & PM supplements that work with the body’s circadian rhythms. No two bottles of supplements are alike. For more information on the science behind the NutriCellix Weight Management System click here:

NutriCellix has pioneered an all-new, enhanced, direct-to-consumer business model that offers a powerfully unique financial rewards program for those individuals, called Ambassadors, that help brings these products to market.  Becoming an Ambassador costs only $59. There are no up-front packages to buy and no minimum purchases required to earn income. In addition, Customers of the NutriCellix Weight Management System participate in a robust rewards program, accumulating points through their purchases and referrals, which can be converted into free products, apparel and eligibility for promotions and luxury vacations.​​​

Bo Short is the Founder & CEO of NutriCellix, Inc. An author and celebrated entrepreneur, Short has spoken around the world in over 34 countries to more than 1 million people, teaching business, leadership and success principles. Roni Short, Founder & President, also an author, brings to NutriCellix decades of leadership experience and expertise.

According to Bo Short, “We created a model that offers science-based products at affordable prices to the Customer and real earning potential to the Ambassador. I spent 30 years in network marketing, and while I personally love team-building, it was my experience that the income in that space was primarily derived from the acquisition of distributors, not customers. Our vision was to create a business that offers a lucrative income through customer development with a secondary option of being able to build a team. That is why and how we pioneered this model. I believe it is the model of the future.”

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NutriCellix™ markets a revolutionary weight management system with custom-designed supplements that are based on the user's own DNA through an enhanced direct-to-consumer business model.

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