"The Nut Dispenser": An Easy, Convenient Way to Have Nuts Anytime

​The Nut Dispenser will eliminate the need to keep getting up and going into your kitchen for more nuts to snack on while watching television, or doing any other activity. It is an attractive, fun and easy to operate, hand operated table top container and dispenser for all varieties of snack nuts. It will dispense a handful of nuts by just pulling the spring lock handle. This will save the consumer the trouble of measuring out a serving, or having to return to the kitchen for more. It can displayed anywhere you choose to place it, on the coffee table, or counter top. It is a unique and convenient device for storing and dispensing nuts. The Nut Dispenser will be made from food grade thermoplastic in a variety of colors, or possibly aluminum or stainless steel. The basic design will include a covered, refillable bin at the top of the device to hold a supply of nuts. The bottom is equipped with a spout through which the nuts will flow by gravity into.  

The Nut Dispenser will be a unique, stylish way to dispense snack nuts, and will deliver perfect portions of them from a tabletop, bar, or countertop. It is easy to work, and easy to dispense nuts from this unique holder that is compact, attactive, and built to last. To use The Nut Dispenser, you simply fill the bin with nuts, pull the handle and they will be dispensed into the catch tray. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Nut Dispenser.

The Patent Pending Nut Dispenser was invented by Salvatore Eso or Monroe Twp., NJ  who said, “I thought of this to eliminate the need to keep getting up and going into the kitchen to get another handful of nuts.”

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