"The Non Stick Griddle": Provides Cooking Pleasure When Appliances Work Properly

​Cooking can be both a pain and a joy but when having the right tools, it makes cooking more enjoyable. This new appliance makes cooking fun. The Non Stick Griddle is a line of stovetop and electric griddles, with models for household cooking and commercial food-service, all of which would be fabricated in a metal alloy uniquely formulated to prevent foods from sticking to the cooking surface, as well as preventing scorching, scarring, and scratching. Built too last, this is not merely a surface coating on an underlying metal that can peel and flake, but instead has the desired non-stick properties throughout its entire thickness. 

The Non Stick Griddle has a cooking surface fabricated with a metal alloy that prevents foods from sticking to the cooking surface or marring it in any manner. Featuring non-stick properties throughout its entire thickness, the Non-Stick Griddle is produced in several versions:  smooth and ridged, reversible stove-top griddles, with handles at either end, suitable for home or commercial stove-top use; an electric, stand-alone griddle with power cord and cooking-temperature dial, for home use; and a variety of larger, heavy-duty electric griddles for commercial and institutional food-service establishments. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Non Stick Griddle.

The Patent Pending Non Stick Griddle was invented by Ronald Cuttino of Newburgh, NY who said, “If someone has suffered through a bad set of pots, pans (and griddles) the Non Stick Griddle will be welcomed with open arms.  It is easy to clean and gives optimal performance day in and day out, year after year. Coated cookware tends to scratch, peel and flake over time and that is not the case with this griddle. It works.”
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