"The Noise Suppressed Blower": Leaf Clearing Accomplished Quietly on Lawn, Patio, Sidewalk and Landscape

​Suppressed sound is a vital component for those working around and surrounded by noise related appliances and equipment. Those working outdoors are exposed to noise far too often and will benefit from the new Noise Suppressed Blower. This is a specially designed, lightweight muffler attachment for leaf blowers. The design intent is to provide both consumers and professional landscapers with a simple and effective means of reducing the excessive noise caused by this equipment, thus resulting in happier neighbors and clientele.

The Noise Suppressed Blower is an open ended, tubular device able to accommodate both backpack and handheld leaf blowers. It is a universal unit utilizing standard muffler technology to achieve its goal. It fits snugly over the tubular end of the blower and serves as an absorbent muffler which is composed of a rigid hollow tube infused or layered with noise canceling and sound absorbing material. It can be applied or removed in a matter of seconds.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Noise Suppressed Blower.
The Patent Pending Noise Suppressed Blower was invented by Ricardo Ambrosio of Port Chester, NY who said, “My Noise Suppressed Blower provides a solution to reduce the noise of leaf blowers. It is both lightweight and detachable and removes the need for equipment users and homeowners to deal with deafening noise or, better yet, having to use ear plugs.  It works perfectly.”

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